Sunday, January 6, 2013

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Independant Couple Trying to Survive
By: Travis Shellman

Antique Arvin Radio:$97.00
After being laid off from my job this year and watching the bills pile up, I decided to venture into selling on eBay. Doing so has helped me pay ALOT of bills that I wouldn't be able to pay otherwise.

7 Halloween Masks: $103.00

1970's Tether Car: $50.00
For a while, things were good but as with alot of other business ventures. The winter months really take a hard toll. Things are getting pretty tough now because with the weather getting colder. I have run out of ideas for merchandise. The thrift stores just aren't producing anything good and the flea markets have long since closed.

Antique Brass Cabinet Locks: $6.50
I have started this blog to share with you some of the things I have sold. You may be amazed.The box pictured below had a lot of good stuff in it. It had antique toiletries, fishing gear, jewelry etc. The amount of completely random Items I can sell sometimes,even AMAZES me.

Junk Drawer Lot: $27.25
I have sold, old caster wheels, old tins, old signs, nut cans, pringles cans, clock parts, old radios, figurines, action figures, old video game systems, old (trashed) tennis shoes, and MUCH MUCH MORE! I have even sold the socks off my feet for $20.00

I aim to keep posting pics of past auction items but in the meantime, I want to ask you for a favor.
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We also Specialize in clutter removal,Basement Cleanouts, Rental Unit Cleanouts, Garage Ceanouts, Storage Cleanouts. If you are in the Athens, Ohio Area and Think You May be Able to Help or if you have an old Garage,Basement, etc. and it Needs Cleared of Junk or Clutter,Etc.
 Email me and I can

If You Have Items Laying Around Your House, Your Garage etc.
and Wish to Donate Them
You Can Ship Them Through the US Mail to:
The Shellman's
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All Donations are Appreciated and We are Very Grateful for the Help in these Trying Times!!!!